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Newly-arrived expats who are about to settle in an expat hot-spot like Amsterdam often struggle to find a place to live. After all, Amsterdam attracts not only foreigners but also Dutch people who are eager to live in „the big city.”

Dutch capital

The Dutch capital itself spreads the flair of a cosmopolitan village: picturesque sceneries, crooked streets and characteristic canals are abundant in the Netherlands’ expat hub. Unfortunately, the relaxed atmosphere and the multicultural population do not make up for the often aggravating housing search.

Rent or buy

Whether you choose to rent or buy your new home in Amsterdam, the process of the property search is very similar. Many expats will turn to estate agents or Makelaars who provide them with information, practical advice and arrange viewings. Do you have specific wishes when it comes to your expat home in Amsterdam? A trustful estate agent should be able to find the historic 3-bedroom house in the Centrum which is just right for your living in Amsterdam.


Another detail you need to keep in mind is the preferred location of your future home to be.
Amsterdam’s Centrum is the city’s second-largest and by far the most popular district among expats.
Most people enjoy living in close proximity to the popular bars and stores of the neighborhood.
Living in the Centrum means living at the heart of historic Amsterdam. The district has the highest number of Western foreigners and is the second-most expensive area to live in Amsterdam. When it comes to the price, the Centrum is only topped by the former Oud-Zuid district. Here expats can find the most expansive housing in all of Amsterdam. The city’s West, on the other hand, attracts all kinds of people and nationalities. Westerpark is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Amsterdam.
Because of its many schools, it is very popular among young families.

Expatriates in Amsterdam

Expatriates usually prefer to rent an apartment or house throughout their stay. Rental property is assessed according to the House Value Rating System in which an apartment receives points for size, location and standards. This will help you to determine, if the rent you pay is fair or if you are overcharged. Some expatriates, particularly those who move to Amsterdam long-term, however, decide to buy a house or an apartment in their new hometown.

Finding property

Another way of finding property is by searching ads in local newspapers or online listings. Most newspapers publish a housing supplement on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Major property sites offer listings as well. Are you unsure what to look for or overwhelmed with the many estate agents and real estate websites that offer their services? On InterNations, an international expat community, you can connect with other expats in Amsterdam who have already taken this hurdle and started their international life in Amsterdam. With over 420,000 members and more than 295 local communities worldwide, it is just the place to find expat information on the property search in Amsterdam.


Before you can contact Makelaars or potential landlords, you need to make a few decisions. First of all, it is important for you to come up with a budget. Expats who prefer to rent rather than to buy need to calculate their monthly costs and decide what they can afford. Are you interested in buying property instead? Make sure to make an appointment with your mortgage advisor to draw up a realistic budget.

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