Amsterdam Expats

Renting apartments in Amsterdam

When you have got to choose renting or buying property, the first question you have to ask yourself is how long you plan to stay in The Netherlands. For expats planning to stay less than 5 years, renting an accommodation probably will be more practical. For expats planning to live in Holland for a longer period of time, buying should be a serious option. Because of the high rental prices it is more cost-effective but it takes a lot of work and stress.

Point system

Rent prices in Holland below € 710,68 are determined by a point system. Points are given for features like living- and other spaces, heating of the rooms, isolation and neighbourhood.
If your dwelling has an own kitchen, toilet and entrance, you can calculate your maximal rent at this Dutch page.
If your dwelling does not have an own kitchen, toilet or entrance, you can calculate your maximal rent at this Dutch page.

Rent change

Each year a general rent increase is determined. If your lessor also wants to raise your rent, he has to submit this increase. An increase has to be calculated over the bare rent. There are some exceptions however. If your accommodation is reletively cheap, increases can be higher. On the other hand rent increases can be less or even decreases. Reasons for this could be lack of maintenance to the accommodation or the rent getting higher than the point system would allow.


In Holland we have a maximum rent for all houses and apartments. Huurteams (tenant support teams) can help you calculate what your rent should be. If it is too high, they can help you start a procedure, and can also assist you during this procedure. Furthermore, they can advise you when the lessor doesn't perform required repairs. Every district within the city of Amsterdam has an own huurteam as well as phone numbers for the other areas. For more information about the huurteams, just visit their website.

Service costs

A lessor can charge service costs caused by collective used rooms (for example collectively used stairwells). The heating, cleaning and lighting of these rooms are examples of service costs. Also the cleaning of a central heating boiler which is used individually could be a service cost.

Housing permit

If you plan to rent an accommodation in Amsterdam for which the official rent is below € 710,68 a month (see Point system on the left of this page) and it is not in Amsterdam Zuidoost, you need a housing permit.

A housing permit can be obtained at the Dienst Wonen. The conditions you have to meet to receive a housing permit are:

  • You are 18 years or older
  • You have a valid residence permit.
  • You have ties to the area of Amsterdam or Almere. Those ties can be economic or social in nature.
    For example, if your work or study is in Amsterdam you have ties in an economic way. If you have been living in Amsterdam for the past two years, or for six years during the last ten years, you have social ties to the region.
  • For properties with an all-inclusive rent up to €394, the income of all the members above 18 years of an household is maximally €35,850.
  • The residence has to fit your household.
    This means for households of maximal 2 persons, the living surface is limited to 59m2. For households consisting of 3 or 4 persons it is 79m2 and for households consisting of more than 4 persons the living surface is unlimited.