Amsterdam Expats

Taxes for expats in the Netherlands

When you are living in Amsterdam or somewhere else in the Netherlands, you will have to pay taxes. Municipal taxes and real estate taxes are two types. Underneath this article you will read about them.
A typical letter from the Dutch Internal Revenue Service

Real estate tax in the Netherlands

In Holland all real estate has to be valued every four years. Based on this valuation, real estate tax is specified. Every owner of housing pays real estate tax in the Netherlands. Renters of accommodations do not pay any real estate tax.
If you buy a house you have to consider more benefits and minors in the sphere of taxes. For more information we would like to forward you to the Internal Revenue Service.

Municipal taxes in Amsterdam

Citizens of Amsterdam also pay municipal taxes. There are a lot of different taxes with all different rules. We confine ourselves to a short enumeration of the taxes.

Taxes for owners and renters of housing:
  • Sewer tax what is called 'rioolrecht' in the Netherlands.
  • For the maintenance of dunes and dikes you have to pay 'ingezetenenomslag'.
  • Dog tax or, as said in the Netherlands, 'hondenbelasting'.

Taxes only for owners of housing:
  • Real estate tax, in the Netherlands known as 'onroerende-zaakbelasting'.
  • If you will go and live on a houseboat, caravan or trailer you have to pay so called 'roerende-ruimtenbelasting'.
  • A tax you have to pay for the cleaning of polluted water is called 'verontreinigingsheffing oppervlaktewater'.

More information about these subjects you will find on the website of the Dienst Belastingen.