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Insurance in the Netherlands

You can apply for a lot of insurances. In the Netherlands some are (partially) compulsory but many are optionally. If you own a car, a liability insurance is compulsory. Medical insurance is an example of a partially compulsory insurance. Read more about this insurance underneath this article. Moreover, this page handles about much more insurances.

Medical insurance in the Netherlands

In 2006 a new health insurance system is introduced. Nowadays, Dutch residents have to choose an insurance company for their insurance. A 'basisverzekering' (the basic package) is compulsory. Insurance companies may not reject people from joining. The basic package contains medical care like doctor, hospital and medical specialists, hospital stay, dental care, prescribed medicines, baby care and ambulance transport. However, insurance companies may provide more health care in their basic package if they want. Also the costs may vary.
If you want to insure more than what is in the 'basisverzekering' you should ask for an 'aanvullende verzekering' (additional insurance). Insurance companies may reject you from joining such insurances.

For more information about other medical issues, we would like to refer to the Medical page.

House insurance in the Netherlands

Different insurances concern houses. A homeowner's insurance or 'opstalverzekering' covers damage to your house. Damage caused by fire is an examples of damage covered. This insurance is not legally obliged. However, if you need a mortgage, distributors normally will demand an homeowner's insurance.

Another insurance you can choose is a contents insurance. This insurance covers all things inside your house like a computer or television. For more valuable stuff, a high-value items insurance or kostbaarhedenverzekering is more applicable. This insurance covers art or other very expensive things.

Car insurance in the Netherlands

If you have a car, a vehicle insurance or autoverzekering is compulsory. In general, this insurance covers damage to other people. An all-riskverzekering is optional and covers theft of and fire to your car as well as damage or injury to yourself and your vehicle.