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Amsterdam Zuidoost

2 star district

Zuidoost is not situated next to the other districts of Amsterdam. It is seperated from Amsterdam's other districts by two villages;  Ouder-Amstel and Diemen. Zuidoost provides 38,000 homes. This district counts about 79,000 inhabitants spread over three area's. Most of them live in Bijlmer (58%) followed by Gaasperdam (40%) and Driemond (2%). The inhabitants are quite young. 27 percent is less than 20 years old.
Zuidoost is also known because of the large amount of national backgrounds. There are about 130 different national backgrounds represented. The largest groups are Surinam (32%) and Dutch (29%). Western foreigners constitute only 8 percent of the inhabitants.
Zuidoost contains a lot of nature. There are 6 (recreational) parks. If you prefer concerts or shopping, you may want to be close to the ArenA. Here you will find the Arena boulevard, Villa ArenA (a housing boulevard), the Heineken Music Hall and in the near future GETZ, an entertainment centre.

Property in Amsterdam Zuidoost

In Zuidoost a lot of cheap homes can be found. The average value of a home on january 1, 2006 was €148.000. Over 65 percent of all homes in Zuidoost is valued less than €157.000. The value of homes is comparable with those in Geuzenveld-Slotermeer. Home prices are among the cities lowest.

Buildings are variated. You will find normal homes, luxurious apartments and blocks of flats. Appartments for sale in Zuidoost come in different sizes but most of them are in range of 65m2 to 100m2. Spacious homes with gardens are also offered in Zuidoost.

Accessibility of Amsterdam Zuidoost

Zuidoost is situated just outside the city. You can get there easily by car or train. Parking should not be a problem. You do not have to pay for it either. If you travel by public transport, the best way to get to the city center is by metro. This takes at most half an hour. Busses do offer transport in Zuidoost as well. Bikeways and footpaths are separated from the main routes, increasing traffic safety.

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Schools in Amsterdam Zuidoost

In Zuidoost 29 primary schools and 4 secundary schools are active. Primary schools are well spread over the district. An exception is the southwest of this district, there are no primary schools here. Many didactical principals are represented as well as schools for children with different religious backgrounds. Special primary schools for children of expats are not represented. Adresses of regular primary schools in Zuidoost can be found here. Adresses of schools with an religious background or philosophy of life can be found here.

Secundary schools provide most educational levels. The Augustinus College and Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer are two good schools. Schoolgemeenschap Reigersbos is less recommendable according to the statistics of the Onderwijsinspectie.