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Amsterdam Westpoort

4 star district

Westpoort is an expanding harbour and industrial area. 1500 mostly small companies are situated in Westpoort. This district is under control by the municipality. About 40,000 people work in Westpoort. Moreover, 100 homes are builded in Westpoort. They are occupied for 70 percent by autochthonous. 21 percent of the inhabitants are western foreigners. That is the highest percentage of western foreigners in the city.

Property in Amsterdam Westpoort

Only 100 homes are situated in Westpoort. On average they are the largest of the city with 4.2 rooms. 9% of them is private property.

Accessibility of Amsterdam Westpoort

In Westpoort you can travel by car, train and bus. Sloterdijk station is situated on the border of Westpoort. Many busses drive from that station to different locations. Especially during rush hour, the accessibility by car is not very good. Parking is usually free, but in a small part of Westpoort you do have to pay. When you need a parking permit, you can obtain it at the Dienst Stadstoezicht. There is no waiting list.

4 stars
Public transport:
2 stars
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