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Amsterdam Westerpark

3 star district

Westerpark is situated on the north-west side of district Centrum. 34,000 inhabitants live in Westerpark. About one third of them are non-western foreigners and 16 percent are western foreigners. Less than 10 percent of Westerparks inhabitants is over 65 years of age. Only in Zeeburg this percentage is lower.
Inhabitants of Westerpark complain most about noise and agression in the district. There are few complaints about garbage, youth hanging around and crime.

Property in Amsterdam Westerpark

The number of homes in Westerpark is almost 20,000. The homes contain averagely 2.6 rooms. Only homes in Centrum contain less rooms on average. Homes in Westerpark are among the cities cheapest. The average value of homes in Westerpark is €173,000. Almost 16 percent of the homes is private property.

Accessibility of Amsterdam Westerpark

Westerpark is near the city centre. The quickest way to travel is by bike, tram or bus. To park your car you have to pay. For a parking permit you can turn to the Dienst Stadstoezicht. In Westerpark, you have to wait about 1.5 years for a parking permit.

2 stars
Public transport:
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