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Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

5 star district

Oud-Zuid is situated south of the city centre. This district has over 83,000 inhabitants. Over 60 percent of them are Dutch people. 20 percent are western foreigners. Only in Westpoort a higher percentage of the inhabitants are expats or western foreigners. Furthermore, people of 25 to 39 years old are a little bit more represented than other age ranges. 10 percent of the inhabitants is older than 65 years of age. Oud-Zuid inhabitants complain most about building activities and noisy housing.

Property in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

Oud-Zuid is the district with most dwellings. Almost 48,000 dwellings are situated in Oud-Zuid. 21.2 percent of them are private property. The average value is €258,000. This is the highest average value in Amsterdam. However, 3.3 rooms in an average house is not very much.

Accessibility of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

'De Pijp' and 'Museumkwartier' are popular neighbourhoods within the Oud-Zuid district, near the centre of Amsterdam. If you plan to live there, biking is a good way of transport. Bus and tram are also good means of transport in Oud-Zuid. By car this district is not very good accessible. Moreover, parking is not free.

2 stars
Public transport:
4 stars
4 stars 

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