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Amsterdam Oud-West

4 star district

Oud-West, situated West of the city centre, is a district builded before the second world war. Over 31,000 people live in this district. Over 60 percent of the inhabitants are autochthonous. 19 percent are western expats or foreigners.
The inhabitants of Oud-West complain most about dog-poo, noise and a shortage of greenery. Remarkably, they complain less about youth hanging around.

Property in Amsterdam Oud-West

The average number of rooms in Oud-West is quite low (2.8). Almost 20 percent of all Oud-West dwellings is private property. The average value of dwellings in Oud-West is €217,000. Therefore, homes in Oud-West are on every point of view general.

Accessibility of Amsterdam Oud-West

Oud-West is located near the city centre (Centrum). Therefore, traveling by bike or tram are best options. Traveling by car is not a good idea in Oud-West because of the busy traffic. Also note you have to pay to park your car. If you live in Oud-West and want to obtain a parking permit, you have to turn to the Dienst Stadstoezicht.

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Public transport:
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Schools in Amsterdam Oud-West

Six primary schools are situated in Oud-West. They are well spread and in general, they are of good quality.
Only one secundary school exists in Oud-West. It is called Huygens College. This is a good school according to the Inspectorate of Education, but does not provide all levels of education.