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Amsterdam Noord

2 star district

District Noord is separated from other Amsterdam districts by 'het IJ', a large river just behind Central Station. With almost 88,000 inhabitants, Noord is the district with most inhabitants. Also, Noord is in the top two with the highest percentage of inhabitants over 65 years of age (16%). Furthermore, almost the lowest percentage of western foreigners live in Noord (9%).
Complaints from inhabitants are mostly about busy traffic. Another much heard complaint is that public spaces are not properly maintained.

Property in Amsterdam Noord

Almost 40,000 houses are located in Noord. 18.3 percent of them are owner-occupied houses. On average, they contain 3.3 rooms and are valued at €168,000.

Accessibility of Amsterdam Noord

The Noord district is divided from the rest of the city by 'het IJ', a large river just behind Central Station. This river can be crossed by ferryboat (free) or through several tunnels like the IJ-tunnel, the Coentunnel and the Zeeburgertunnel. Trams and metro's do not exist in Noord, but they do have busses. In general parking is free. Sometimes a time limit applies.

4 stars
Public transport:
2 stars
3 stars 

IJ ferry 

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