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Amsterdam De Baarsjes

2 star district

De Baarsjes district is situated just within de center ring road on the west of the city. Half of the 34,000 inhabitants living here are foreigners and half are authochtonous. 14 percent are western foreigners.
Inhabitants of 'De Baarsjes' often have to deal with heary houses, coffeeshops and a shortage on bicycle stands. On the other hand, there are relatively few complaints about crime and drug addicts.

Property in De Baarsjes

De Baarsjes is a district with no peaks or depths compared to other districts in Amsterdam. It contains almost 19,000 houses of in average 3 rooms. 15.4 percent of the dwellings are owner-occupied houses. The average value is €174,000.

Accessibility of De Baarsjes

In De Baarsjes best transport is public transport. Cycling is also a good option. If you want to park your car in De Baarsjes you have to pay for it. There are about 8000 parking places. Inhabitants of De Baarsjes can apply for a parking permit. Note there is a waiting list for parking permissions. Currently, waiting time can vary between a week and a month. During this period it is possible for the first sixty persons in line to get a reduction for the car park at Mercatorplein. More information about this reduction and parking permissions can be obtained at the PCH, situated inside the car park.

2 stars
Public transport:
4 stars
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