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1 star district

Bos en Lommer is situated on the west side of the city just inside the center ring road. Over 30,000 people live in this district. Only 7 percent of them are over 65 years of age. This is the second lowest percentage in Amsterdam. Non western foreigners are represented most (56%). Only 10 percent of the inhabitants are western foreigners.
Inhabitants of Bos en Lommer complain most about crime, the high percentage of allochtonous people and the public image about the district.

Property in Bos en Lommer

With a little under 15,000 homes, Bos en Lommer has least homes of all Amsterdam disticts if we leave out Westpoort. Homes in Bos en Lommer are valued on average €147,000. Only in Geuzenveld-Slotermeer homes are valued lower. Only 13.2 percent of the dwellings are owner-occupied houses. This is also one of the lowest percentages. The average number of rooms per home is 3.

Accessibility of Bos en Lommer

Public transport is good in Bos en Lommer. Also biking is a good way of transport. In Bos en Lommer you have to pay to park your car. For inhabitants or companies of Bos en Lommer there are parking permissions available. A parking permit can be obtained at the district office of Bos en Lommer.

2 stars
Public transport:
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Amsterdam Bos en Lommer property

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