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Sunset in Amsterdam

Welcome to our Amsterdam-Expats webportal. Our aim is to provide practical information about moving to, and living in Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands. Topics range from housing and education, shopping and leisure, to culture and arts. Even health and legal issues are covered.

The information about living in Amsterdam is divided in practical subjects: Orientation, Organisation and Settled (Please see a short description below).

We wish you a great stay in Amsterdam, and hope our Amsterdam-Expats website will provide all the information you're looking for. 

The Amsterdam-Expats team.


For your orientation phase, we jumped on our bicycles, and drove all the way through Amsterdam to take colourful pictures and gather local information about Amsterdam's different districts. In addition, we gave every district a ranking, indicating the popularity of that specific part of Amsterdam amongst local citizens.


The organisation phase informs about issues related to residence, work and finances. Covering relevant topics, for example, you might want to change banks or decide to remain at your present bank.


The settled section is helpful for any foreigners and expats who already settled in Amsterdam. We went all over town to visit the best clubs, shops and restaurants; we even passed the Red Light district. In addition, we gathered information about medical issues, holidays and Dutch culture.